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Pregnancy & Birth Pack

If you have expecting clients, this pack will guide them through their pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks back home. Choose lessons starting in the first trimester through infant care and expectations.

Toddler Pack

The toddler years can be fun - and tough! The new mobility bring new challenges - and this pack will help your clients come up with positive strategies to parent their energetic tot.

Parenting Pack

Parenting can be tough - but our parenting videos approach the subject with empathy and practical advice. These lessons will be used again and again as your clients learn to handle parenting situations each and every day.

Life Skills Pack

Life can be harder - and we make choices that can make it harder (or easier!). The life skill pack covers financial challenges, buying a car, moving, and much more - with practical advice that makes a difference.

Special Circumstances Pack

This pack covers a variety of very hard circumstances with videos that show love, empathy, and truth. Each video is a starting point for healing and a help for those in need.

Most Viewed Videos


Working to avoid the situations where SIDS may occur is important for every new parent. Part of the Main Curriculum.


Car seats are a vital piece of equipment that keeps your child safe. Part of the Main Curriculum.

Infant CPR

This small review is only part of the full CPR video. Part of the Main Curriculum.


Pregnancy is a time to reduce unhealthy habits - this tells you why. Part of the Main Curriculum.


Pregnancy is the perfect time to bond with your child. Part of the Main Curriculum.